Heavy Duty Land Leveller

Heavy Duty Land Leveller

Agro Machinery comes as one of the best in producing heavy equipment to help you with your heavy duty. As a professional company in manufacturing and sourcing technology in agricultural equipments and machines comes to help you. A lot of equipment and machines produced by the Agro Machinery including mounted disc plough, post hole digger, cultivator, drill, rotavator and also heavy duty land leveller. All the products made from high quality material, anti corrosion and compatible for all purposes.

Want to open some new fields for your new farm? Want to clean your land from garbage and liter? Or maybe you need to move those heavy yields to your barn? You need a powerful and strong equipment to help you. Some area have compact and sticky soil. You can not just depend on your hoes or shovels. You need bigger equipment to enlarge your land. You need bigger and strong tools to build bigger building. There are a lot of heavy equipment producer, but you have to selective to choose the right heavy equipment for your heavy duty on your project.

Agro Machinery "Heavy Duty Land Leveller" is one of Agro Machinery best product. Would be fit in for any heavy duty on your farm. No need extra energy. Use the Agro Machinery "Heavy Duty Land Leveller" to handle the heavy tasks and save your energy to do another works. Agro Machinery "Heavy Duty Land Leveller" is a multi purpose equipment that you should have. Suitable for leveling land, filling farm, and cleaning yard, and many more heavy tasks on your farm. Suitable for sticky soil and this wing would not let your soil spilled out and spoilage. There are two types of "Heavy Duty Land Leveller" from Agro Machinery, including ELL-L/25 and EHLL-H/70. ELL-L/25 suitable for 35 HP tractor and above. EHLL-H/70 would fit for your 55-HP tractor and above. 

ELL-L/25Tractor operated light duty land leveler suitable for 35-HP Tractor & above
EHLL-H/70Tractor operated light duty land leveler suitable for 55-HP Tractor & above

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